Cryoablation Treatment for Benign Breast Tumor

Cryoablation Breast Cancer
North Star Surgery Specialists, P.A. is a high profiled health service provider in Austin engaged in extending a broad spectrum of medical care in the field of breast related ailments. This medical facility is well equipped with a team of professionals that are specialized in the treatment of Cryoablation Breast Cancer, Tumor and is widely acclaimed for rendering the required surgical treatments to patients. The process of Cryoablation Treatment Austin involves eliminating those lumps in the breasts by freezing them with a technology termed as Visica 2TMTreatment System. Duly recognized by the FDA in 2001, Visica 2TMTreatment System employs an intense cold, in order to destroy the fibroadenoma in the breast. As Cryoablation Treatment involves no removal of tissue, the shape of the breast is kept in tact. Moreover, there is no risk of getting infection, because the insertion cut is very small compared to a standard surgical procedure. This type of surgery requires no hospitalization and the patient can return to normal work immediately.