Lumpectomy Austin

Breast Lumpectomy Austin
North Star Surgery Specialists, P.A. is a frontline health providing institution in Austin and offer medical treatments for a wide range of breast related ailments, capitalizing the support of an expert team of doctors who are specialized in the treatment of Breast Lumpectomy. Lumpectomy is a type of surgery performed on a patient for the purpose of “breast-conservation” or “breast preservation”. The breast-conserving surgery has different terms like biopsy, lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, re-excision, quadrantectomy, or wedge resection. In short, a lumpectomy is a partial mastectomy, in which a portion of the breast tissue is taken away, but the amount of tissue taken away from the breast differs greatly from case to case. In Quadrantectomy, approximately a quarter of the breast will be removed. So, our Breast Lumpectomy Austin doctors will clearly make the patients understand the type of surgery involved and what will be the quantum of breast that the patients will lose after the surgery, apart from the post surgical follow up, the patient need to adhere to.